Click to enlarge Adult Special Pawfectreats

Click to enlarge Adult Special Pawfectreats

$49.99 / month

Being an adult has special needs and that’s what makes this pawfectreats so special. As your dog grows his nutritional needs are to be addressed with care so you offer him a better and healthy life. Loaded with treats, toys, goodies this adult special pawfectreats is a perfect gift for your little one.

Your young dog gets a pawfectreats delivered once which is loaded with 4 or more goodies. You can expect high quality treats, toys, premium dog food packs all sent in a surprise box. You may choose a longer subscription and save!

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The adult special pawfectreats is a perfect treat to gift and pamper your dog. Each box comprising treats, accessories and toys. Pawfectreats is a wonderful wayto express your love and care for your canine. The adult special pawfectreats includes 4 or more goodies every month which will make them go bonkers. Each pawfectreats comprises wellness products that are much needed for a healthy and happy dog life. You can expect anything from dog food, dog toys, dog treats, dog accessories and a lot more. Goodies sent in the adult special pawfectreats ensure your pooch is active, entertained, healthy and happy! The experience of unboxing a pawfectreats makes it a perfect gift for your pup.

Based on your dog’s personality, our team sniffs and digs gold for your pooch. This selection of four or more approved products in your little one’s pawfectreats are hand delivered starting 15th of each month. You may renew the same or opt for a longer subscription that gives you greater savings and better surprises as we get time to plan it better.


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