Birthday Special Pawfectreats

Birthday Special Pawfectreats

$29.99 / month

The Birthday special pawfectreats is be loaded with a minimum of 5 gifts for dogs specially curated based on the little ones, size, age, and breed. It even includes a specially fetched international toy that you would not find here in India! Guaranteed! We go places sniffing out great stuff for your lovely pooches to ensure they feel special.

The birthday special pawfectreats are even dispatched in 2 days. We even go extra mile to ensue it delivers before the big day!

Celebrate with 5 or more goodies sent out to your little one in a box that will make his day special and make you both go bonkers! With love and wishes this unique box will be sent out to make sure you celebrate with you pooch in style!

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Remember how great you feel when you receive those presents? Awesome right? Birthday special pawfectreats is something that will make your pooche’s day special a day like no other!

We understand how birthdays are special for you and your lovely pooch! Hence you will find a few props that will help you celebrate the big day in style! The birthday special pawfectreats is an experience to live, cherish and share.

Don’t just wag, get him this amazing box loaded with great gifts for dogs and puppies.

Note: The image is a sample birthday special box representation and the contents are customized based on your pooch breed and their unique needs, hence highly customized.


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