Monthly Subscription box for Dogs
  • Click to enlarge Adult Special Pawfectreats

    $49.99 / month

    Being an adult has special needs and that’s what makes this pawfectreats so special. As your dog grows his nutritional needs are to be addressed with care so you offer him a better and healthy life. Loaded with treats, toys, goodies this adult special pawfectreats is a perfect gift for your little one.

    Your young dog gets a pawfectreats delivered once which is loaded with 4 or more goodies. You can expect high quality treats, toys, premium dog food packs all sent in a surprise box. You may choose a longer subscription and save!

  • Senior Special Pawfectreats

    $89.99 / month

    We load each senior special pawfectreats with a minimum of 5 goodies, from wellness supplements to great palatable senior dog food for your senior dog, which is quick in digestion. Each box even contains toys that keep them occupied for a long time so they stay calm and entertained.

    Seniority depends on the individual dog. Giant breed dogs age faster than smaller breed dogs. They consider a Great Dane to be senior by 5-6 years old. At the same time, a Chihuahua would only be middle-aged. They would not consider him as a senior until 10-11 years.

    But one thing is for sure, your senior dog needs extra care. Now as he is a senior dog, his needs differ from what they were when he was a puppy. Hence we introduced senior special pawfectreats. A curated box of wellness that will cater to special needs of your senior dog.

    Every senior special pawfectreats is loaded with 5 goodies, from wellness multivitamins, supplements to great food especially for your adult dog, which is quick in digestion. It even has toys that keep them occupied and calm so they stay entertained. You may choose a longer subscription and save!

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